Calling India, Germany, Bulgaria, etc .............. 1p per minute

Skip roaming App for Android phones and iPhones

SkipRoaming is a revolutionary product designed for Global travellers who are being fleeced by their mobile networks on the pretext of “International Roaming”. It has been a challenge for companies whose employees travel worldwide and the individual international traveller to minimize this expense. They are left with a very limited solution of either buying a local Sim or buying a Global Sim which changes the traveller's number and restricts their connectivity with their business associates and loved ones. Also, the Global Sim is expensive and per/minute rates and costs to buy the Sim continue to be prohibitively expensive.

SkipRoaming is inexpensive. With SkipRoaming you don’t have to buy a global sim or a local Sim so you don’t have to change your local mobile number. No matter which country you are travelling to‚ anybody that calls your home mobile will automatically be connected to you wherever you are globally. When abroad, you can also call anybody worldwide without paying any roaming charges whatsoever.

Calls start at 1p/minute. Therefore there are no more “bill shocks” when you come back home from a business trip or a holiday.

SkipRoaming owns and operates an enterprise-class global network and through our expansive footprint‚ we deliver your calls anywhere in the world at a fraction of your mobile roaming charges. We offer a full range of products and services over our highly scalable and secure network. SkipRoaming currently employs 30 employees and serves UK‚ USA and Germany and soon many more countries in EMEA and across the world.