World –Mobile  a division of European Reseller is a Telecom aggregator bring together the best telecom deals for resellers and end users

We have many different  Telecom offerings,  all of which offer low cost international calls, each one gives you the opportunity to become a reseller  and the MVNO offering enables you to become a fully fledged Telecom operator, like Virgin Mobile, or Tesco telecom, all you need is the audience.

So you can make a profit of 10% -50% and save your clients money.... up to 85% saving


This is BiBitel’s SIM skin. This fits in all phones, on any network . You simply remove your Sim,   that you apply to your network provider SIM card and re-insert the SIM card back into your mobile phone.  If you can imagine an international calling card except it is already in your mobile phone.  The skin contains software  that recognises when you dial and International number.

0034 for Spain

001  for USA  The software on the skin calls the London telecom switch and the call costs 1 pence / min

MVNOWorldiWide.jpg      (Your Name) Telecom

Mobile Virtual Network Operators.

An MVNO is a totally independent telecom operator who buys and resells SIMs and telephone minutes. Buying at wholesale prices and setting his own selling price.

As a telecom enabler we can provide everything you need to become a MVNO.  Earn revenue whilst your customers save money on mobile calls in the UK and abroad. From UK and Roaming SIM card’s that work in over 200 countries on 550+ networks around the world.

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Save 98% on calls when ringing abroad

Europeanreseller and SkipRoaming with 100 minutes free call to ring China, India, Romania, Poland, France

Skip Roaming has appointed European Reseller as distributor in the United Kingdom, for its new low cost telephone APP

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Global Sim


Saving of 85%-95% when roaming world wide with free incoming calls in 60 countries


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Saving of 85%-95% when roaming world wide with free incoming calls in 60 countries